Superstars of CAW

Febrary 29th!! An Event So Dangerous it only comes Every Four Years !!

The Card

SCAW Championship-
Random Stipulation
Anakin (C) vs Robin or Dr. Doom
(Determined by Winner of Match involving their selected representatives)

Icon vs Icon:
Participants Are a Mystery

Random Stipulation:
Ichigo Kurosaki vs Edward Elric
(If Ichigo Loses, He will Leave SCAW)

SCAW Zero-One Championship-
Random Stipulation:
Captain Picard (C) vs Jack Sparrow vs Mr. Clean vs Dante

First Ever Magic Match:
Harry Potter vs Lance Burton

SCAW Tag Team Championship:
Santa Claus & Hellboy (C) vs Mystery Challengers

From 2008


·       Darth Vader & M. Bison defeated Jay & Silent Bob in a Tornado Tag Team match for the SCAW Tag Team Championship

·       Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Freakazoid in a First Blood match

·       Green Lantern defeated Johnny Cage

·       The Joker defeated Santa Claus in a Last Man Standing match

·       Captain America, Homer Simpson & Ghost Rider defeated The nWo (Mr. Clean, Michael Myers & Jack Sparrow) in a 3 on 3 Elimination match

·       Guile defeated Batman in a Best of 3 match for the SCAW Championship