Superstars of CAW

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SCAW Championship: 2 Out of 3 Falls:
Iron-Man © vs Robin

Ladder Match For The Money in The Bank Briefcase:
Green Lantern vs Ichigo Kurosaki
* If Ichigo Loses, He gets no SCAW Championship Matches For The Remainder of 2010

SCAW Internet Championship:
Hellboy © vs Optimus Prime

SCAW Zero-One Championship:
Edward Elric © vs The Gladiator

Spider-Man vs A Mystery Opponent

Anakin vs The Prince of Persia

Spider-Man vs A Mystery Opponent

Superman vs Harry Potter

Guile & Captain America vs Yusuke & Kuwabara

He-Man, Ryu Hayabusa & Mick Thomson vs Jack Sparrow, Zod & Ivan Drago

No Guts No Glory 2008


1 Ichigo Kurosaki defeated InuYasha SCAW Tournament Quarter Final
2 The Green Lantern defeated Mr. Clean SCAW Tournament Quarter Final
3 Homer Simpson defeated Batman SCAW Tournament Quarter Final
4 Iron-Man defeated Darth Vader SCAW Tournament Quarter Final
5 Rhino defeated Colossus Singles match
6 Ichigo Kurosaki defeated The Green Lantern SCAW Tournament semi Final
7 Homer Simpson defeated Iron-Man SCAW Tournament Semi Final
8 The NWO (Jack Sparrow & Michael Myers) (c) defeated Jay & Silent Bob Tag Team match for the SCAW Tag Team Championship
9 Optimus Prime defeated The Joker (c), Ghost Rider, Santa Claus, The Thing and Gladiator 6-Way match for the SCAW Internet Championship
10 Homer Simpson defeated Ichigo Kurosaki SCAW Tournament Final
11 Spider-Man (c) defeated Guile Hell in a Cell match for the SCAW Championship