Superstars of CAW




SCAW Championship - Triple Threat Match:
Homer Simpson def. Santa Claus (Champion), The Prince of Persia

Steel Cage Match - SCAW Legends Championship:
Ghost Rider (Champion) def. Iron-Man

2013 SCAW Tournament:

Spider-Man def. Green Lantern
Dante def. King
Mr. Clean def.
Edward Elric def. Gambit

Spider-Man def. Dante
Edward Elric def.
Mr. Clean

Final Match:
Edward Elric def. Spider-Man
Wins SCAW Championship Match at Blood, Sweat & Tears VII


SCAW Tournament Quarter Finals:
King def. Magneto
Prince of Persia def. InuYasha
Edward Elric def. The Gladiator
Guile def. Dr. Doom
Battle Royal for Tag Title Shot:
Hulk wins.
SCAW Tournament Semi Finals:
Prince of Persia def. King
Edward Elric def. Guile
SCAW Championship: 6-Pack Elimination Challenge:
Captain America def. Anakin, Homer Simpson, Batman, Joker & Ghost Rider
SCAW Tournament Final:
Prince of Persia def. Edward Elric

ASCENDANCE September 7, 2011!!


SCAW Championship:
Guile def. Ghost Rider

Icon vs Icon II:
Superman def. Chuck Norris

SCAW Tournament:
Anakin def. The Joker in The Final


Thanks to SCAWCAW316 for the poster.


SCAW Championship:

Green Lantern (Champion) def. Homer Simpson

Anakin def. Harry Potter

SCAW Tournament 2010:

Spider-Man def. Robin in the final

Ascendance 2009! Who Rose? Who Fell...

Special Thanks to FreQman Productions for the Kickass Poster!

The White Ranger Walks out of the Chamber Zero-One Champion!

A bad night for The Joker.

2 Jokers???

Hellboy Give The Hulk Hell!

Iron-Man Truly is an Iron Athlete!

Superman Gives Spider-Man....

An Emphatic NO!!

The Shot heard around the CAW World!

The New SCAW President

Homer Falls!

InuYasha Rises, then Falls!

Ichigo Rises!!