Superstars of CAW

Thanks to Donte Hamid (RC99) for the updated poster.

The Card:

SCAW Championship:
Edward Elric (C) vs Anakin

SCAW Legends Championship:
Superman (c) vs. The Prince of Persia - Special Referee: Captain America
If The Prince loses, then he will never wrestle again in the United States.

Red Hood vs. The Joker

SCAW Internet Championship:
Brian Urlacher (c) vs. Captain Marvel

SCAW Zero-One Championship:
Jin Kazama (c) vs. Liu Kang



Ultimate Four-Way For The SCAW Championship:

The Prince of Persia def. Captain America (C), Homer Simpson, Spider-Man

Buried Alive Match:
InuYasha def. Superman

#1 Contender Match For The SCAW Legends Championship:
Special Referee: Chuck Norris:
Iron-Man def.  Ichigo Kurosaki

The Green Lantern def. Anakin

SCAW Internet Championship:
Mr. Clean (C) def.  Edward Elric

Last Entity Standing:
Optimus Prime def. Dr. Doom

SCAW Tag Team Championship:
M. Bison & Magneto def. Batman & Robin (C)