Superstars of CAW

Coming February 13, 2011

The Card:

SCAW Championship:

Robin (Champion) vs Ichigo Kurosaki

Hell in a Cell Match:

Optimus Prime vs InuYasha

Internet Championship:

He-Man (Champion) vs Dr. Doom

Grudge Match:

Anakin vs Ghost Rider

Challenge Match:

Green Lantern vs Edward Elric

Zero-One Championship:

Mr. Clean (Champion) vs Mr. Spock

TLC Match For The Tag Team Championship:

The Joker & Jack Sparrow (Champion) vs Jay & Silent Bob vs Mick Thomson & Leatherface

Tag Team Match:

Santa Claus & Hellboy vs Harry Potter & The Prince of Persia

To Hell & Back 2009

Thanx to FreQMan for the poster.


* SCAW Championship 30 Minute Ironman Match:
Spider-Man def. Homer Simpson 7-6


* 3 Stages of Hell:
InuYasha def. Ichigo Kurosaki 2-0
First Fall: Submission
Second Fall: Pinfalls Count Anywhere
Third Fall (not necessary): Last Man Standing

* Road To Hell Final, Winner Receives an SCAW Championship Match:
 Santa Claus def. Guile

* SCAW Internet Championship:
Batman def. Iron Man

* SCAW Zero-One Championship Steel Cage Fatal 4 Way:
Ryu Hayabusa (C) def. The Green Lantern, The Prince of Persia, Robin

* SCAW Tag Team Championship:
Jay & Silent Bob (C) def. Optimus Prime & The Gladiator

* The Joker def. Hellboy

To Hell & Back 2008: History Made Once Again!

Homer survives a battle for the SCAW Championship.

Iron-Man Climbs the Ladder to Success

New Tag Team Champions That No One Expected

Superman Victorious in his SCAW Debut.

This and a Whole Lot More...


Superman def. Zod

SCAW Championship: 
Homer Simpson (Champion) def. The Joker 

Ladder Match for the SCAW Internet Championship:
Iron-Man def. Ichigo Kurosaki (New Internet Champion)

Santa Claus def. Ghost Rider

SCAW Zero-One Championship: 
Robin (Champion) def. Green Lantern 

Tag Team Gauntlet Match: 
Robin & Green Lantern: New SCAW Tag Team Champions

To Hell & Back 2007


* Homer Simpson defeated Ichigo Kurosaki to retain the Internet Championship. 

* Shaquille O'Neal defeated Kobe Bryant in a Bar Room Brawl.

* Jay & Silent Bob defeated The X-Men (Cyclops & Wolverine) and The Underachievers (Bart & Milhouse) to become the first SCAW Tag Team Champions.

* Santa Claus defeated InuYasha in a Falls count anywhere match.

* Guile & Colossus defeated The Joker's Deck (The Joker, Krusty & Zod) in a 3-on-2 tag team match.

* Batman defeated Ryu Hayabusa to win The Zero-One Championship.

* Spider-Man defeated M. Bison in a Hell in a Cell Match to retain the SCAW Championship.