Superstars of CAW

  • SCAW Championship:
    Captain America (C) def. Spider-Man
  • SCAW Internet Championship:
    King def. Gladiator, Mr. Clean (C) & Edward Elric

  • SCAW Legends Championship:
    Chuck Norris (C) def. Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Miracle on 34th Street Fight:
    Anakin def. Santa Claus

  • SCAW Women's Championship:
    Lara Croft (C) def. Amy Lee

  • Dr. Doom def. Optimus Prime
  • SCAW Zero-One Championship:
    White Ranger (C) def. Jean-Luc Picard
  • Batman & Robin def. Joker, Magneto & M. Bison


Results :
PreShow: Jean-Luc Picard, Jack Sparrow, & Mr. Clean defeated Dante, Piccolo, & Ryu Hayabusa
Edward Elric defeated Ichigo Kurosaki
Robin defeated He-Man
SCAW Women's Championship: Avril Lavigne (c) defeated Lara Croft
Optimus Prime vs. The Gladiator ended in a no-contest.
SCAW Tag Team Championship: Santa Claus & Hellboy (c) defeated Ghost Rider & The Prince of Persia
SCAW Internet Championship: M. Bison (c) defeated Robin
Batman defeated Spider-Man
SCAW Championship: Anakin (c) defeated Superman



Ultimate Four-Way Match for the SCAW Championship:

Robin def. The Green Lantern, Spider-Man & Homer Simpson

Tag Team Championship:

The Joker & Jack Sparrow def. Santa Claus & Hellboy

One on One:

The War Machine def. Ichigo Kurosaki

Internet Championship:

He-Man def. Harry Potter

One on One:

Optimus Prime def. InuYasha

One on One:

Edward Elric def. Superman

Zero-One Championship:

Mr. Clean def. The Prince of Persia

One on One:

Dr. Doom def. Mick Thomson


Hell in a Cell Match:

Ichigo Kurosaki def. InuYasha vs

Triple Threat Match For The SCAW Championship:

Superman def. Spider-Man and Santa Claus (NEW SCAW CHAMPION)

SCAW's General Manager Position vs Darth Vader's Mask:

Captain America def. Darth Vader

SCAW Zero-One Championship:

Ryu Hayabusa (Champion) def. Green Lantern

Singles Match:

Homer Simpson def. The Prince of Persia

SCAW Internet Championship:

Iron-Man def. Batman, The Joker, Hellboy & Robin (New Internet Champion)

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Hell in a Cell for the SCAW Championship:

Homer Simpson (Champion) def. Spider-Man

Extreme Rules Match:

Superman def. Zod

30-Minute Ironman Match for the SCAW Internet Championship:

Iron-Man (Champion) def. Ichigo Kurosaki 6-5 (OT)

Triple Threat for the SCAW Zero-One Championship:

The Joker def. Robin (Champion) & Green Lantern (New Champion)

Grudge Match:

Captain America def. Santa Claus

One on One Match:

Guile def. Darth Vader


Johnny Cage & Apocalypse def. Jack Sparrow & Mr Clean 

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Dark December 2007



Batman defeated The Green Lantern to retain the Zero-One Championship

Freakazoid defeated The Joker

Darth Vader & M. Bison defeated The X-Men to win the Tag Team Championship

Zod defeated Colossus and Sandman in a 3-Way Cage Match

The NWO (Mr. Clean, Michael Myers & Jack Sparrow) defeated Homer Simpson, Ghost Rider & Captain America in a Non Sanctioned Match

Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Gene Simmons to retain the Internet Championship

Guile (c) defeated Spider-Man to retain The SCAW Championship

Santa Claus defeated InuYasha in a Buried Alive match