Superstars of CAW

Blood, Sweat & Tears VII

SCAW Championship:
Edward Elric def. The Prince of Persia (C)

SCAW Legends Championship:

Superman def. Ghost Rider (C)
TLC Match For The SCAW Tag Team Championship:
Spider-Man & Homer Simpson def.
M. Bison & Magneto (C)
3 on 3 Elimination Tag Match:
Iron-Man, Hulk & Thor def. Batman, Robin & Red Hood

Hellboy def. Anakin
30-Minute Ironman Match For The SCAW Zero-One Championship:
Dante (C) def. Green Lantern
Falls Count Anywhere Tornado Tag Match:
Harry Potter & The Gladiator def.
  Chuck Norris & Santa Claus
6-Pack Elimination Challenge For The SCAW Internet Championship:
King (C) def. InuYasha, Mr. Clean, Dr. Doom, Optimus Prime, Jack Sparrow

SCAW Women's Championship:
Avril Lavigne def. 
Rayne (C)
Brian Urlacher def. Ivan Drago
LeBron James & Burger King def. Captain Marvel & He-Man

Blood, Sweat & Tears VI


SCAW Championship:
Captain America (Champion) def. The Prince of Persia

Spider-Man def. Superman

20 Man Legends Gauntlet For The Gold To Crown First Legends Champion:
Chuck Norris Wins

Hell in a Cell Match:
Homer Simpson def. Ghost Rider

Green Lantern def. Anakin

Hellboy def. Abraham Lincoln

Batman & Robin def. The Joker & M. Bison

Submission Match For The SCAW Internet Championship:
Edward Elric (Champion) def. The Gladiator

Optimus Prime def. Dr. Doom (After defeating Piccolo)

Ultimate Zero-One Match For The SCAW Zero-One Championship:
White Ranger def. Magneto, Jean-Luc Picard, King, Dante & Ryu Hayabusa to win the title

SCAW Tag Team Championship:
The Hulk & Thor def. He-Man & Captain Marvel to win The Titles

Triple Threat Match For The SCAW Women's Championship:
Lara Croft (Champion) def. Amy Lee & Danica Patrick

Blood, Sweat & Tears V


Triple Threat Match for the SCAW Championship:
Anakin def. Ghost Rider (c) and The Joker

Street Fight:
SCAW Commissioner Chuck Norris def. SCAW President Abraham Lincoln
Chuck Norris Wins, he can take control of SCAW

3 on 3 Elimination Tag Team Match:
Batman, Robin, & Green Lantern def. Spider-Man, Iron Man, & War Machine

Last Man Standing Match:
Homer Simpson def Guile

Superman def. He-Man

Edward Elric def. Ichigo Kurosaki

Inuyasha & The Gladiator def. Dr. Doom & Optimus Prime vs

SCAW Internet Championship:
M. Bison def. Captain Marvel (c)

10-Man Gauntlet for the SCAW Zero-One Championship:
Jean-Luc Picard def. The White Ranger (c), The Prince of Persia, Jack Sparrow, Mr. Clean, Spock, Yusuke Urameshi, Sub-Zero, Mick Thomson and Dante

SCAW Tag Team Championship:
Santa Claus and Hellboy def. Ryu Hayabusa & Piccolo (c)

6-Women Ladder Match to crown first SCAW Womens Champion:
Avril Lavigne def. Amy Lee, Rayne, Danica Patrick, Lara Croft and Candy Cane

Harry Potter def. Lance Burton

SCAW Blood, Sweat & Tears IV Posters

The Photos


SCAW Championship: The Green Lantern (c) def. Spider-Man


InuYasha def. Dr. Doom


Street Fight: Anakin def. Abraham Lincoln 


Robin def. Homer Simpson 


3-On-3 Elimination Tag Match: Ichigo Kurosaki, Edward Elric & Kazuma Kuwabara def. Guile, Captain America & Ghost Rider 


Shaquille O'Neal def. LeBron James


Superman def. Iron-Man


Wolverine & Steve Nash def. Kobe Bryant & David Beckham


Ultimate Zero-One Match for the SCAW Zero-One Championship: Prince of Persia (c) def. Ryu Hayabusa, White Ranger, Yusuke Urameshi, Spock, and Mr. Clean


SCAW Tag Team Championship: Jack Sparrow & The Joker def. Optimus Maximus to win the titles.


Hardcore Match: Mick Thomson def. Leatherface


Gauntlet Match: Hellboy & Santa Claus def. The Holy Straight Edge Society (If Hellboy & Santa beat the other members, then they get to fight "The Lord & Savior")


SCAW Internet Championship: He-Man def. Harry Potter to win the Title. 

Blood, Sweat & Tears III

Ultimate 4-Way For The SCAW Championship:

Spider-Man defeated InuYasha, Homer Simpson and Ichigo Kurosaki to Win The SCAW Championship

Icon vs Icon:

Chuck Norris defeated Superman

SCAW Internet Championship:

Iron-Man retained against M. Bison

SCAW vs UWO Extreme Rules Match:

Captain America def. The Punisher

3 vs 3 Elimination Tag Match:

Guile, Ghost Rider & Abraham Lincoln def. Darth Vader, The Prince of Persia & Harry Potter

SCAW Zero-One Championship:

Green Lantern retained against The White Ranger

Triple Threat Match:

Batman def Robin & The Joker

Mystery Opponent Match:

Santa Claus def. Al Capone

SCAW Tag Team Championship:

Jay & Silent Bob defeated Optimus Prime & Gladiator, Yu Yu Hakusho, XXX, Star Trek, Shaquille O'Neal & LeBron James and Ryu Hayabusa & Nacho to win The SCAW Tag Team Championship  

Grudge Match:

Kobe Bryant def. David Beckham

Handicap Match:

Hellboy def. Mr. Clean & Billy Madison

Blood, Sweat & Tears II Moments in Time!

New Tag Team Champions!

Robin wins the Zero-One Championship!

Mr.T's massive guest, Chuck Norris!!

The Hulk is the NoDQ World Order's Newest Member!

But Hellboy tops him by being Jay & Silent Bob's Tag Team Partner!

Team DWA beats Team SCAW 3 on 3!

Darth Vader Chokeslams Apocalypse to Victory!

Superman is Here!

Ichigo Survives the Elimination Chamber, Still Internet Champion

And Homer ascends the Top of the SCAW Mountain!


Watch on

The Main Event

For The SCAW Championship

Homer Simpson defeats Spider-Man to win the SCAW Championship


The Era of Simpson has begin here in SCAW!!

Ichigo Survives The Chamber, Still Internet Champion

Ichigo Kurosaki retained the SCAW Internet Championship aganist Iron-Man, InuYasha, Optimus Prime, Bart Simpson & Freakazoid in the Elimination Chamber Match.

SCAW's Darth Vader defeats DWA's Apocalypse

It took may chokeslams but Darth Vader previailed in one hell of a matchup!

Team DWA (Lance Burton, Vega & Johnny Cage) defeated Team SCAW (Ghost Rider, M. Bison & Santa Claus)

DWA was victorious due to controversy. Santa's shocking actions cost SCAW the Match.

DWA Website:

Mystery Partners Didn't Disappoint

The Newest Member of the NoDq World Order: The Hulk

but he, Michale Myers & Jack Sparrow ere bested by Jay, SIlent Bob & Their Mystery Tag Partner...


Robin WIns the Zero-One Championship

Robin prevailed in the Ultimate Zero One Match for the Zero One Championship over Mr Clean, Green Lantern, PrinceofPersia,  Nacho & Ryu Hayabusa

New Tag Team Champions - The Evil Dynamic Duo!

Batman & The Joker defeated Guile & Captain America to win the Tag Team Championship! This was surely a surreal moment in CAW History!

Other Matches

Zod defeated Thor

David Beckham defeated Michael Jordan

Shaquille O'Neal defeated Dennis Rodman in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, CHosen by You the Fans!

Rhino defeated The Thing in 8 Seconds!

The Gladiator defeated Billy Madison

Blood, Sweat & Tears I

Results from Blood, Sweat & Tears I:

Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Freakazoid, Robin and Wolverine in a 4-Way Elimination match to become the first Internet champion

Homer Simpson def Bart Simpson with Ned Flanders as the guest referee.

Darth Vader defeated Shaquille O'Neal

Jay & Silent Bob defeated The Flash & Green Lantern

Guile defeated The Joker in a Steel cage match

2007 SCAW Tournament Semi-Final: M. Bison defeated Santa Claus

2007 SCAW Tournament Semi-Final: Spider-Man defeated Inuyasha

2007 SCAW Tournament Finals: Spider-Man defeated M. Bison to become the first SCAW champion

Blood, Sweat & Tears I:

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